North America is a vibrant and exciting region, with its cities serving as the common thread to what is a diverse fabric of culture, history and achievement. And yet, each city has its own unique qualities and characteristics, including the makeup of its cuisine. CITYSCAPES is a food-centric promotion that is sure to delight your students as you take them on an imaginary journey, celebrating the tastes and flavors of twelve of North America’s most iconic cities. This promotion comes complete with its own signature menu as well as a variety of tools and resources to capitalize on this very special. Also included are profile sheets covering the essence of each of our twelve signature destinations. All of the materials featured as part of this promotion are customizable to provide you with maximum flexibility in creating offers that best fit your individual needs. You can implement CITYSCAPES as a standalone event to augment your promotional line up, or you can use it as the featured event during one of your core promotions.

Following is a link to the CITYSCAPES Implementation Guide which will give you a snapshot look at this fun event. Because of its specific nature and flexible timing, this promotion is designed to focus specifically on the resident component of your university dining program.

A number of materials to help you celebrate CITYSCAPES are available for order through Sodexo Print Management.

Resident Dining Events

CITYSCAPES provides you with a number of opportunities to showcase the quality, value and added excitement of your resident dining program. Following are links to the various City Profile Sheets for each of the destinations featured in this promotion. While all of these locations can be implemented in any order, we recommend that you review each thoroughly to see which best fit the specific needs of your account. 

In addition, we have provided a variety of advertising and marketing tools (found under Marketing Templates) that you can use to support all of these resident dining activities during your CITYSCAPES promotion.

City Profile Sheets

A Taste Of Our Hometown