University Interns

University Interns Overview

The University Intern program is designed to:

  • Enhance customer engagement.
  • Improve depth and consistency of tactical marketing deployment, wellness/nutrition, and sustainability efforts.
  • Leverage the learning experience with internal and external clients.
  • Set us apart in the industry in supporting our clients educational mission.

Interns provide fresh ideas, especially on the use of technology. Today’s students are tech-savvy. They can figure out how to use social media—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter—in engaging our present customers and bringing in new business. In the last few years that’s become a popular focus of internships as well as post-grad jobs.  Interns bring energy and perspective, after doing things the same way year after year, it’s refreshing to have someone with fresh eyes come in and say, “Wow, did you ever think about doing it this way?” We encourage our student interns to speak up in a respectful way after they’ve been on the job a while.

Interns can work on those projects that your normal staff keeps putting on the back burner because of their time constraints. Our managers are constantly putting out fires in day-to-day operations, nobody has a chance to do the competitive analysis or research into new markets. A student intern is perfect for that because he/she can really dig in, do the analysis and put together the report.

In Universities Services we have three different types of student intern programs, each with a different focus. A Marketing Intern, Wellness/Nutrition Intern, and/or Sustainability Intern, can help enhance our efforts with customers and partners. Scope of work and the size of account will determine if you need one intern supporting all functions or several interns.

To determine if an intern is the right choice for your account, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you commit time to develop a student, promote the out of the classroom learning environment, and offer insight into your organization?
  • Can you benefit from the latest technology, perspectives, and relevant skills being used in our schools?
  • Do you want to increase student participation and outreach?
  • Do you want to increase satisfaction?
  • Can you benefit by collaboration on campus initiatives?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then you are ready to support an intern!

One strategy essential to the success of our University Intern program is the use of the University Intern materials and registering your intern so that they and you can receive the support you need.  Using a University Intern can help you address many of the challenges associated with running a promotion, implementing tactical marketing efforts or having a successful sustainability program on campus.

Contact your Area Marketing Coordinator or Senior Marketing Manager for more information.