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Overview: We're building a better tomorrow for everyone!

At Sodexo, our 425,000 employees make things better, safer, healthier and easier for 75 million consumers around the world. We’re passionate about raising the quality of life for everyone – and it’s part of what we do every day.

We know we can only meaningfully improve lives if we make good decisions. And that means thinking about the needs of tomorrow as well as today. That is why we monitor our progress through our corporate responsibility roadmap, called Better Tomorrow 2025. It gives us, and all those we work with, a shared focus on our long-term future.

It all adds up to a better tomorrow for everyone involved. Better for the individuals we employ and serve. Better for our communities. Better for the world around us and the resources we all share.

Ultimately, doing what we do best, every day, means a better tomorrow for everyone.

Marketing Templates

Following are links to a variety of marketing and promotion tools that you can use throughout the year. Simply click on the desired link to access the appropriate electronic file for the tool you wish to use.

For more resources about sustainability initiatives and marketing templates, please visit the A Better Tomorrow for Everyone SodexoNet page.