Battle of the Chefs

Battle of the Chefs Overview

BATTLE OF THE CHEFS is an exciting promotion that celebrates “all things culinary” with a variety of engaging activities and delicious food that will have your customers ready to hit the kitchen. From cooking skills classes to fired up challenges between professional chefs, this promotion is really going to turn up the heat on fun and flavor. You can implement BATTLE OF THE CHEFS as a standalone event to augment your promotional line up, or you can use it as the featured event during one of your core promotions. The choice is yours.

Following is a link to the Quick Start Promotion Overview Sheet which will give you a snapshot look at this fun event. Because of its specific nature and flexible timing, this promotion is designed to focus specifically on the resident component of your campus dining program.

A number of materials to help you celebrate BATTLE OF THE CHEFS are available for order through Sodexo Print Management.

Resident Dining Events

BATTLE OF THE CHEFS provides you with a number of opportunities to showcase the quality, value and added excitement of your resident dining program.

Following are links to the various Quick Start Sheets for each of the key resident dining activities for this promotion. While all of these activities can be implemented in any order, we recommend that you review each event thoroughly since some are designed to be run on a single evening while others can extend over the course of a few days.

Quick Start Sheets

In addition, we have provided a variety of advertising and marketing tools (found under Marketing Templates) that you can use to support all of these resident dining activities during your BATTLE OF THE CHEFS promotion.